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Scandinavian House, a Runway company can help you see a new opportunity and uncover the full potential of your IT system - while minimizing your IT costs. The Norwegian owners and management, we can guarantee high standards, best practices and savings of up to 50% of your existing operating and development costs. Are you concerned that you will be too small to get attention from your sourcing partner? You are not sure about how to combine your own staff with sourced staff? We focus on supplying mid-size and smaller companies who need to keep cost low, but still want existing staff to be in the front seat holding the steering wheel.



Cost reduction



New services

"We have chosen Scandinavian House; a provider of high IT skills, delivered at the right price.”

- Per Ivar Gjørvad,
IT Director,
Norwegian Air Shuttle

Over a 5-year period, Scandinavian House will supply Norwegian's internal software development resources. The partnership ensures that the Norwegian's software solutions still meet the objectives of quality, while the need for lower cost has been secured. Norwegian is a fast forward moving company that has developed the next generation of IT solutions for its WiFi-integrated aircraft. Scandinavian House has developed the business system, award solution and other solutions tailored for smartphones, pads and other new terminal solutions for Norwegian.


Do you need help in modifying your existing enterprise system or do you want to consider a new enterprise system for your company? We will help you decide and then we will implement the best solution to fit your needs. This will optimize your business to low-cost but high- quality standard. We may help your IT department and the business to get a competitive cost-effective solution.


If you are struggling under the heavy load of maintenance task and would like to expand to carry this load while not spending much of the budget then we have something to offer to you. We can provide maintenance services to you and your clients. We may do the service desk, third-line support and other IT-operations.


You know nothing about mobile application or maybe you already have a vision and design ready? We will offer you our ideas on mobile application creation or we will turn your ideas and design in paper to a working application. Your app will support any popular mobile platform like iOS or Android. We can integrate a mobile app into your existing enterprise system to boost the usage experience even more.


You can get all of the benefits of a full IT department but for a much lower costs. We will help you to create your own offshore software development team using the experts full-time or part-time adjusted to your needs. This dedicated and hand-picked software engineering center will be tailored to your specific IT and business needs and methodologies. You will know each of your team members and they will work full time, exclusively on your projects and needs.


Our experienced engineers will investigate, plan, sketch and document a new IT-architecture for you. We will do anything starting from as simple as a small standalone application and up to a global corporate enterprise-level systems. We have experienced people who have successfully drafted lots of small to large-scale IT-architectures.






Mobility: Most companies in Norway are already out with their first app.

Big data

Big Data: You don’t need huge investments.

Cloud services

Cloud Computing: The trend is here, do you dare?  

Social Media

Social Media: Do you want to gain presence?



"Our clients bring the visions.
We will help them with the decisions"
Scandinavian House is a Norwegian company that was founded back in 2005 by a group of Norwegian investors with a broad collective business experience.

We started to work together with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs early to serve the Norwegian market with IT services.

Our work smart methods have over the years developed to optimize value when sourcing. You will not only get the cost reduction, flexibility and access to dedicated people.

We will also guide your thru the values from cloud services, mobility, social services and other IT megatrend. Our methods communicates business objectives and will free up time from your IT or business expert. Giving them time to improve processes and work closer to the business. An opportunity to improve client services, innovate, or make a new product for your market.

Our recipe has proven itself over years – Our Norwegian leaders and the project team will during workshops solve many of your daily challenges. Our client stories and referrals are proofs.

Being a part of the Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (NUCC) gives us the understanding of how to inspire our employees with Nordic culture using KPI, quality routines and well known project methods.

The start-up workshop and 30 minutes a day will the best investment you can pay.

Ukraine, has an European culture and is only 2,5 flight hours away. Scandinavian House offers the unique method and dedicated people for all who want to strengthen their competitive power!

"We have now access to the needed expertise at a very right price. This has given us increased competitiveness"

- Bjørn Tore Lund,
Director, CGI

CGI is one of Scandinavia's largest IT companies. For the energy sector, the company has developed a system that inspects internal controls and other security related issues for businesses. Scandinavian House was hired along with the customer's internal team to find solutions to migrate existing solutions to a new technology. The system is now in production and Scandinavian House is responsible for the maintenance, support and implementation of new functionality to the system.

Work Smart!

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